Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Year recap (JAN-JULY)

With the year winding down, I've been looking at what I've done this year. Where did 2011 go?? 
What have I done this year? The only real goal I set for myself this year was to do at least one race every month and......I DID IT!

Little River 10 mile trail run
I had been sick for a couple weeks and it had just snowed. I wasn't feeling this race and decided to just 'run' it. HUGE mistake as I got shoved in the back of a conga line and poked around the whole 10 miles. Never again. That's when I said to myself "Race hard or stay at home."
My favorite winter running pic

Anderson Creek 10K
It was a chilly rainy day and I didn't know what was going to happen. My 'rival' was running this race and I gunned for her the whole time. I paced myself just right, snuck up on her and passed her the last half mile to win the overall female award! WOO!

Georgia Chainbuster 9 hour moutain bike relay
This race was in preparation for the 30 hour adventure race I'd compete in the next month. I am terrible at biking single track and was WAY out of my league. I had kids passing me! NOT OK.

Northern Georgia 30 hour Adventure Race
This was going to be the mother of all races. The longest AR I'd completed before this was 12 hours. After 30 hours of biking, hiking, running, getting lost, navigating around in the dark, eating tons of beef jerkey and trail mix, getting my legs shredded by briars.....it was done. We walked up to the race director to turn in our checkpoint sheet and all we got for doing the race was a handshake and a "Thanks for coming!" My teammate and I took 2nd place in that race in our division.
I might look happy but I'm thinking..."Get me out of this boat! I never want to see a canoe again!"
This was the second morning...I was a zombie at this point.
This was our finish, after 30 hours, and that's the guy saying "Thanks for coming out." WTH? I downed about 4 pieces of pizza right after..

Shamrock Dolphin Challenge: VA Beach, VA
I'd done the 8K once before but would be doing that plus the half this time. I was STOKED because I'd be meeting several girls from Runner's World and they were great gals. I ran a great 8K and even got a huge PR in the half! Girl time, Yuengling, running, huge PR....what could be better??

Country Music Marathon: Nashville, TN
This was to be my first official marathon! Not only that, but I got to go with my BFF (Erin), her sis and her mom! We had a blast and I almost got a sub 4 on the first try! I ended up with a 4:00:23! I still curse those 23 seconds : )
Myself, my BFF Erin and her sister Kristin outside our sweet lodging!

White Lake 10K
This was a little race out in BFE. It was hot already and I started off WAY too fast. I was gunning for girls way out of my league and I blew up towards the end. Still managed to get 1st in my AG.
The trophys were messed up...it was of a running guy and had TRACK in big letters going up the side : )

Army Birthday 10 miler: Ft. Bragg, NC
This was MY race. I was shooting for a PR that had to be below 1:19 (from this same race back in 2007). I hadn't been training for speed though and didn't know how it'd go. I ran my heart out with nothing left and managed to PR with a 1:18:38!! YESSSS! (Oh and I barely beat my local running 'rival'!)

Virginia SPROUTE 12 Hour Adventure Race
This turned out to be the most eventful AR of the season. The parts that really stuck out were the last 2 hours. On my bike, that I have to clip into with my shoes, I was crossing a small creek. I was getting along fine until I hit a rock that I couldn't see. I slowly fall over and wasn't able unclip in time falling onto some rocks. One of those rocks punctured the top of my right kneecap. I immediately felt the pain and couldn't move. After several minutes and washing all the blood off my knee (in the creek....) we took off. The adrenaline was pushing me along as we were suddenly in the middle of a crazy thunderstorm. Trees were blowing sideways, you couldn't see more than 5 ft in front of you b/c of the rain and it was lightning everywhere. We were one of the few teams that actually finished the race. We took first place in our division for that one. Days later I was hobbling around on crutches with a busted and infected knee. After lots of meds and doc visits, I was walking again. Now I can't even tell it happened except for a lil scar. Scars are sexy, right? Or does that just apply to guys? : )

Tidewater Traverse 18 hour Adventure Race: Virginia
The next month, I was ARing again! This one went really well and we were one of the top teams until we got lost right at the end. We also missed our cutoff time by about 2 minutes costing us first place! Ouch...
My partner Allen and I

July was the only month I didn't actual do a running race but I ran during the AR so IT COUNTS!
Part 2 coming up with August thru December!


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