Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First post!

This is the first post of my new blog. I've been a blogger on Runner's World's "The Loop" for quite some time. The Loop is pretty cool because you can read a lot of other runners blogs and are easily accessible. But who doesn't want their own blog? The plan is to post on here from now on and I'll probably just copy it onto The Loop.

I'll blog about running and everyday things. I hope it is of some interest to someone. My favorite blogs to write are race reports summing up a race that I've recently completed. If my running tales can inspire someone else to try things they never thought they could do, I'll be happy.

I think I have caught a cold because I've woken up the past couple mornings unable to breath. Last night, I signed up for the City of Oaks 10K which is this Sunday. I hope this thing passes by then, otherwise I'll be hacking up stuff as I'm running. This morning, I signed up for the Uwharrie Mountain Run 40 miler in February. Registration opened this morning at 8am and it took a while to get the website to load up and for me to finally get registered. I'm guessing lots of others were trying to register before it fills up.


  1. There are a few of us that have blogs both on the Loop and out here in the real world! And some have left the Loop to blog out here permanently. There's more anonymity on the Loop, and I think you get more readership and comments on the Loop. I draft up my blogs out here and cut and paste them into the Loop. Runner's World has too many problems uploading pictures and probably has a small server farm which leads to overall slowness when it comes to loading things. And I've never lost a blog out here. Anyway, welcome to the Blogosphere!

  2. Looking forward to reading about your running adventures! Don't abandon the Loop though :)

  3. Looking forward to reading your posts!